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Peter Graham

Official march of the FORUM VENOGE

This march was specially commissioned from Peter Graham for the gala concert by the prestigious Black Dyke Band on 29 June 2024 at the Théâtre de Beausobre in Morges (Switzerland), in front of more than 600 people. 


We have a very pretty canton: we have calves, cows, sheep, chamois, pike, swans; lakes, orchards, forests, even a glacier! at Les Diablerets ;


And that's when a good Genevan said to us, with a sneer: - Let me ask you: where are your rivers, frankly? He simply forgot the Venoge! Of course, it's not the Yellow River, but it's ours, it's all Vaudois, whereas these good Genevois only have a tiny bit of the Rhône, which continues its course through France; but the Venoge, it stays there!

It even offers onlookers visions of Colorado! Only more modestly, of course.


The Venoge, is a river well known to the people of Canton de Vaud and so dear to Jean Villars Gilles, poet and songwriter, from whom you have an extract of his poem above.


The Forum Venoge, created in 2020 after an inspiring walk along the banks of this iconic river in La Sarraz (VD), aims to celebrate and protect this natural jewel of the Canton of Vaud. Our passion for brass bands, and in particular the Black Dyke Band, led us to envisage an artistic collaboration that would pay tribute to the Venoge in a grandiose way.​


"Venoge March" is much more than a simple musical composition. It is a celebration of nature, a hymn to Vaud's heritage, a work that evokes the picturesque landscapes, gentle meanders and serenity of the Venoge. Each note, each melody reflects the very essence of this river, from its source at L'Isle to its mouth in majestic Lake Geneva (Lake Léman).

In 2022, we approached Peter Graham, an internationally renowned composer, and asked him to compose our official march, which would embody the spirit and beauty of the Venoge region. Peter Graham, with his incomparable talent, accepted the challenge enthusiastically.

Description of the march

Duration : 3 minutes 12

Composer : Peter Graham

Mandating : FORUM VENOGE

World Premiere : 29 June 2024 in Morges by the Black Dyke Band

Key topics : Anthem of the Canton of Vaud, Queensbury March​, Celebrate Rotary

Listen to an extract

Acquire audio - Black Dyke Band 

The march, recorded by the Black Dyke Band on 20 June 2024 in Denshaw (UK),

is available in audio for the symbolic sum of £1 (1.15 frs) on the Black Dyke Band


Click on the image or link below:

Acquiring scores

Click on the buttons to download the scores and the Full Score, offered by the Forum Venoge. The sale of this march, by third companies, is not authorized.  

Full Score offered by Peter Graham, Professor Nicholas Childs and the musicians on 29 June 2024 in Morges.

Venoge River, La Sarraz (VD)

Nicholas Childs, Director Black Dyke Band
Maxime Girod, President of Forum Venoge
Peter Graham, Composer

Prof Nicholas Childs, Maxime Girod & Black Dyke Band

Prof Nicholas Childs & Black Dyke Band

Prof Nicholas Childs & Black Dyke Band

Peter Graham & Black Dyke Band

Peter Graham & Black Dyke Band

Black Dyke Band

Standing ovation for the Black Dyke Band

Maxime Girod

Swedish Folk Song final, conducted by Maxime Girod

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